FAQs  Answers to most questions you may have about your wedding or event music!  
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Sam performs as a guitarist / singer, DJ, looper, trumpeter and pianist at weddings, private parties, corporate functions and public venues in Surrey and all over the south east of England
Sam performing at a gig in Brighton, Sussex
Comedy routine at Brighton Sussex event
Sam performing a comic routine!
Live music - singing at Brighton Sussex event
Sam can sing ballads and medium or up-tempo songs

These FAQs should answer many of your questions and some you may not of thought of! If there's anything else you'd like to ask, please don't hesitate to contact Sam.

Q  Do you play for corporate events too?
A Yes

Q  Can we choose our own songs?
A Certainly within reason, if there is a special song that is not part of my repertoire I am happy to learn it for free, so long as you give sufficient notice for it to be learned! (2 hours of music is about 30 songs)

Q How does a solo performer produce a full band sound?
A With a lot of help from his Boss RC-50 loop station – check it out on these youtube videos; it’s all live!

Q  Can I sing or play an instrument as a duet with Sam? 
A  Of course – for example, if you wanted to sing a version of ‘At Last’ by Etta James or play ‘Mad World’ along with Sam on guitar then this adds a really nice touch to your occasion. So long as there is plenty of time to learn the songs. 

Q  Can we bring our own compiled CDs or ipod to play between sets?
A  Of course. I have the facility to play MP3 tracks with a charger and the relevant connections. This would be through my PA speaker system.
  Important - DJing: please send me your personal play list at least a week before the event so I can fully integrate it in to my system and DJ the material. I also offer requests using spotify.

Q  Would you be prepared to travel further than the local area for a gig? 
A  Yes, but this would be reflected in the price, and may require overnight accommodation to be supplied. 

Q  How much do you usually charge
A  Costs vary depending on the distance and time of year, but the following scenarios should give you a rough idea: 
 - A. $350 for a guitar and vocal performance during the wedding ceremony. This also includes playing music from an ipod for walking in or out of the wedding and playing acoustic songs during the signing of the register.
B. $600 for two 1 hour guitar / vocal or looping sets with high spec lights.
(I can play for longer than this for an additional charge)
(If A and B are both booked the cost would be $900)

Q  Do I need to put down a deposit?
A Yes, it’s $100 to secure the date. This can be made either by a bank transfer or a cheque. Please note: This is a non-refundable.

Q  Do you have your own sound system and lights? 
A  Yes, I bring all the necessary equipment including a full lighting rig and a laser.

Q  Can you play in 2 separate locations on the day, e.g. one outside and one inside? 
A  Yes, but bear in mind that it takes about 45 mins to take down and re-set my equipment and this might be disruptive! 

Q  What happens if Sam suddenly can’t do the show? 
A  In the extremely rare event of Sam being unable to perform at your function due to illness, accident or the natural elements, Sam has a number of equally talented bands/players who could step in at a moments notice to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible.
Don’t worry though, Sam has not had to cancel a gig in 7 years!

Q  Do I need to feed Sam a meal?
A No, Sam will always assume that a meal will not be provided.

Q  Can Sam also sing numbers from the ‘Great American Songbook’ for example?
A Sam has a wide variation of songs in the big band swing style which will be sung to a backing track. Here are a few examples.

Q  How long does it take you to set up?
A Depending on how big the venue is or how much lighting you want to use it normally takes between 40 mins – 1.5 hours to set up and start playing. Please make sure you factor this in to your day so there is no sudden rush or stress.

Q  Can you get Sam to sing a song during the signing of the register?
A Of course. The signing of the register usually takes about 5 – 10 minutes to do, so you may need to choose two songs to help pad it out.
See ‘How much do you usually charge?’ for more information.
  If you think you need some inspiration regarding what song(s) Sam can play during the signing of the register or for walking down the isle, then please see the list ‘Popular songs for the signing of the register’ (click on link)
  The ‘Classic Choice’
  Modern Pop

Q  We like to ballroom dance, could Sam put together a ballroom dancing playlist?
  Of course, Sam has experience in playing ballroom dancing music and would announce the name of each dance if needed. Please make sure the playlist is emailed at least one week in advance of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Q  Can you get Sam to play out side?
A Yes, that’s absolutely fine. Please make sure though that the outside area is covered by a quality water-proof material with the minimum dimensions of 3m x 3m. I don’t want to go up in smoke if it rains!

Q  Can I use your system to play a live set with my own band/acoustic duo etc?
A Of course, if you have your own band or you would like to play an acoustic set by your selves then that’s fine. Please make sure you carefully plan your evening allowing plenty of time for additional setting up and performing. Please also make sure that you tell me exactly what requirements you will need in the way of extra microphones etc. There may be a minimal cost to you if I have to hire in a few extra microphones etc.

Q   What Gear Has Sam Got?
A Sound
- Boss RC-50 Loop Station
- 2 FBT Vertus CLA604A Active Column Line Array Speaker (400+100W)
- 2 FBT Vertus CLA 208SA Active 2x8" 600 Watt Sub
- 1 Sound craft EFX8 input mixer with Lexicon FX
- 1 Korg Microkorg Synth
- 1 Mackie SRM350 V2
- 1 LED Parbar MK2
- 1 Starcluster 300 RGB

    Sam Wedgwood playing at Red Bar & Restaurant Weybridge Surrey

Sam regularly plays public gigs,
and has become a favourite in local pubs and restaurants.

Sam is truly unique and it's a pleasure to have him play here.
 Neal Otter - Red Bar

Check out where you can see Sam
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